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The latest collection of CDE/NMPA laws and regulations compiled by Guanqin Pharmaceutical is released.


On the occasion of the coming of the new year, in order to give back to the new and old customers, our company has produced a collection of laws and regulations, which are distributed to you. The contents of the collection include the laws and regulations on drug registration and clinical issues issued by CDE and NMPA after July 22, 2017. And guiding principles.

        In order to facilitate the search of different customers and meet the needs of different people, the catalogue is divided into two categories:

  • Classified according to the drug development process, including pharmaceutical, toxicology, registration, clinical, comprehensive, generic drug consistency assessment.

  • Classified according to the CDE column, including guidelines, e-newsletters, generic drug conformity assessments, ICH office columns, other updates, NMPA announcements.

  •         The collection of laws and regulations is divided into an electronic version and a paper version. The electronic version is convenient and concise, and the paper version is easy to study.




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